Time to start racking up points!

The Winter REEF Fest is going on right now and there are two great opportunities for you to accumulate points before December. Here are the details:

November 21st: Join me from 8 to 9 am at Queen’s Beach, near lifeguard tower 2F for a REEF survey in the Waikīkī MLCD. The survey will last for 30-45 minutes and afterward we will gather on the beach to identify any unknown critters. Please bring your own snorkel gear, towel, wetsuit or rashguard, water, sunscreen and slate. I will bring extra slates, survey paper and fish ID books. You register by emailing me at heather@reefwatchwaikiki.org or calling 808-931-6061.

November 28th: Join FIN Oahu to work off the excess calories and do some fishwatching in the Waikīkī MLCD. Bring your snorkel gear and a buddy and meet near lifeguard tower 2F at 8:00 am.  They will have slates to lend if you want to do a survey.  To register, call or email Terri at msfuzz@hawaii.rr.com or 944-6081.

Remember, you get extra points for completing a REEF survey in Waikīkī!

2 Responses to “Time to start racking up points!”

  1. I saw an octopus on one of my snorkel surveys, but couldn’t find it on the species list or even on the unlisted species list. Why aren’t they included?

  2. Good question Judith: the REEF surveys specifically target reef fish (the only exception is green sea turtles). We are currently field testing a seperate monitoring protocol to survey corals and other invertebrates.

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