Weekend Snorkel in the MLCD

I decided to do a fish survey in the Waikīkī MLCD this weekend and identified 40 species of fish!  Some of the species I saw were the Pearl Wrasse, Fourspot Butterflyfish, Barred Filefish, and the rare Lagoon Triggerfish!

Barred Filefish, or 'O'ili (Cantherhines dumerilii)

Fourspot Butterflyfish, or Lauhau (Chaetodon quadrimaculatus)

Cornet fish (Fistularia commersonii)

Achilles Tang, or Paku'iku'i (Acanthurus achilles)

The Mu, or Bigeye Emperor (Monotaxis grandoculis)

Chubs, or Nenue

Yellowfin Goatfish, or Weke (Mulloidichthys vanicolensis)

Pearl Wrasse (Anampses cuvier)

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