Another Day of Marine Photography

I found out yesterday from the coconut wireless that the water was crystal clear and epic for snorkeling!  So I went down to the MLCD and dove into the chilly water! Look what I found!

3 Responses to “Another Day of Marine Photography”

  1. Cassidy, Such colorful pictures, all of them ! I just love the Boxfish. Always a favorite, I just love to look at their faces. So dog/human looking. Your Spotted Boxfish, Male (Ostracion meleagris) guy you have here in the picture looks like a bird perched on a rock looking for bird seed. Very Cool !!! Tell Heather how I am seeing it, you know how she feels about Nalu. Great Job! Joni~ from Virginia

  2. oceangirlsurfcamp February 1, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Love your posts and the pictures are great! Sharing them with all the volunteers and girls from Ocean Girl Project. We are gearing up for the summer sustainable surf camps, hope we can work with you folks again this summer! The girls so loved the presentation you did last summer, we all learned a lot. Keep up the good work. Much Aloha, Colleen

  3. Thanks Colleen! We’d love to help, just let us know how and when 🙂

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