Marine Invertebrate of the Week: Blue Soft Coral/Blue Octocoral

Last weekend, I ventured up to Turtle Bay to explore the tide pools and take pictures for Beth’s limu project. In one tide pool, something bright blue caught my eye. I could not tell what it was from the surface of the water, so I took a few pictures. After browsing through my identification books at home, I discovered I had taken pictures of a Blue Soft coral, also know as Blue Octocoral.

The Blue Octocorals, endemic to Hawai’i, are characterized as soft corals because they have eight-tentacled polyps and an internal skeleton. Hard corals usually have six-tentacled polyps with an external skeleton made of calcium carbonate.

One Response to “Marine Invertebrate of the Week: Blue Soft Coral/Blue Octocoral”

  1. oceangirlsurfcamp February 2, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    I like that, I had so much fun this morning, thanks everyone!

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