Spotlight on Sea Chubs a.k.a. Rudderfish

During a REEF fish survey last weekend, I encountered a school of large chubs next to the jetty. The chubs were fascinating to watch as a few of the individuals would flash spots and others would brush against the sand with one side of their body. In the pictures below, I believe several of the individuals are Lowfin chubs, Kyphosus vaigiensis, and Pacific chubs, Kyphosus sandwicensis. The chubs with yellow markings around the mouth and gills, are most likely Lowfin chubs.

Eating Habits: Primarily feed on marine plants, such as red and brown algae. Used to be known as the “Hanauma Bay piranhas” because of their frenzied feeding habits when fed by humans.

Name: Chubs are sometimes called Rudderfish because they used to school around the rudders of sailing ships while docked in the harbor. In Hawaiian, they are referred to as Nenue.

One Response to “Spotlight on Sea Chubs a.k.a. Rudderfish”

  1. Not sure where to post this, but I was so excited to see a female blackstripe coris at Kuapo Beach Park this morning. It was my first sighting of one and I understand they are rare.

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