Scorpionfish sighting!

A few weeks ago, Melodie G. spotted a scorpionfish in Waikiki. I believe this particular fish is a Devil scorpionfish. The Devil scorpionfish is well-known for its amazing camouflage and skills as an ambush predator. Besides being able to hide from predators and prey, the scorpionfish can also inflict a painful wound on other predators. Scorpionfish have venomous sacs at the base of their dorsal spines. When a predator tries to eat a scorpionfish, the spines will stick into the mouth and venom will be injected into the predator. This also means that humans can be stung by scorpionfish if they accidentally brush up against the spines of the fish. If stung, use hot water to soak the wound. Luckily, the Hawaiian scorpionfish are not deadly!

One Response to “Scorpionfish sighting!”

  1. Melodie Grafstrom March 27, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    thanks for posting my pics Heather! I just noticed this posting today. Good info to share.

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