Just For Fun!

I snorkeled out at Bowls the other day because I was curious to see what was there!  Here’s a video from the trip.  Just for fun, see if you can do a REEF Fish Survey from this video clip!  🙂  See how many species you can identify and count!

S = Single, F = Few (2-10), M = Many (11-100), A = Abundant (>100)

5 Responses to “Just For Fun!”

  1. i saw a rock wrasse and lots of manini!

  2. My guess is: F 4 spot butterfly fish; F convict tangs; S rock mover wrasse; S yellowtail coris; S parrot fish (not sure what kind); M surgeonfish (too dark to tell what kind, but guessing blue line); maybe a S belted wrasse in foreground with yellow tail coris.

  3. Marian "Lala" Kanoho March 15, 2011 at 10:23 am

    I agree with Judith T but I would also like to add (F) Indo Pacific Sergeants and at one point it sort of looked like a (S) Old Woman Wrasse quickly swam to the right??

  4. Good job guys! Very impressive! I watched it again, did anyone notice the Saddle Wrasse or the Goldring Surgeonfish? There was also a Hawaiian Gregory too. Most of the surgeonfish where Brown Surgeonfish (I know, hard to tell from the video). I don’t recall seeing an Old Woman Wrasse in the area, it’s most likely a parrotfish, but of what species, I cannot tell by the video!

  5. I agree with the above. The parrotfish has a square tail, so it’s a bullethead. The small wrasse is a saddle wrasse.

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