Kahe Point (Electric Beach)

This past weekend, I did a REEF survey at Kahe Point (Electric Beach).  It was my first time there and I expected to see lots and lots of fish!  And I did!  However, I was still disappointed.  Kahe Point does have a lot of fish (high in abundance) but the diversity of species is somewhat low.  There were hundreds of Hawaiian and Indo-pacific Sergeants, Bluestripe Snappers, and Lei Triggerfish, to name a few.  If you want to see fish not found in the MLCD, you’ll find them at Kahe Point!

It’s a great snorkeling spot and there are frequent dive boats and tour boats that also stop there.  Before we jumped in we saw a whale very close to shore!  No pictures though!  The power plant has a pipe that extends out across the ocean floor which has prompted reef building communities.  It’s about 30 feet at it’s deepest point and 16 feet at it’s shallowest point.  So if you’re like me and you can’t dive past 10 feet, it may start to get a little boring. But if you want to see hundreds of fish swarming around you (mostly Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Sergeants) then I would definitely recommend snorkeling at Kahe Point!

3 Responses to “Kahe Point (Electric Beach)”

  1. Would be very interesting to go back and look at surveys we (and I’m sure many others) did back in the early 2000’s’, before the tour boats out of Ko Olina began daily, multi-trip feeding of loaves of bread (no joke) and other ‘fish food’ sold to tourists onboard. The lack of diversity is not surprising, but is upsetting.

  2. Thanks Tori! I checked the REEF site and their records show that the first survey was done in 2003 and the second survey was done in 2006. It’s weird that there are only two complete surveys for that site (I think they are still processing the one I did). It’s possible that surveys were logged as Waia’nae Coast instead of Kahe Point (Electric Beach), which means the surveys could have been completed anywhere from Ka’ena Point to Barber’s Point.

  3. I think we logged ours under “outfall” will have to go in and take a look

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