REEF Survey at Makai Pier

I’ve been hearing a lot of sightings of reef sharks at Makai Pier. In my 24 years in Hawai’i and all the time I spend in the water, I have never seen a reef shark while snorkeling, and I’ve never snorkeled at Makai Pier. Makai Pier is near Sea Life Park and the Oceanic Institute in Waimanalo. I got there late, around 5:00 p.m., so the sun was already setting behind the mountains. The water was super murky, so I felt a little uneasy as I jumped into the water. My excitement and nerves were running on high since I didn’t know what to expect and all I was thinking was “shark, shark, shark”. I’m not afraid of reef sharks because I know they aren’t dangerous, but murky water and shark thoughts can make a person scared real fast!  After about 20 minutes of snorkeling around and under the pier, I decided the search was over. I didn’t see any reef sharks, but the corals there are amazingly huge and the area is swarming with juvenile fish and turtles! I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t see a reef shark, but I was content with all the fishes I saw!  Here are some of the shots that came out:

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