groovy day in Hawai`i nei

Can you believe the clear skies and calm surf of the last few days?  Makes for good underwater critter watching.  This porcupinefish was out in the open instead of hiding under a ledge.  He let me chase him nearly to Makaha (or thereabouts).  What appeared to be a large Christmas Wrasse turns out to have the classic triangular marking of a Surge Wrasse.  Surveyors, good luck making a positive ID as they zip by at 15 knots.  Had to throw in the Ambon Toby.  This one wasn’t too shy to let me take its picture.  And the Omilu hovering over a friend.  I saw the “friend” swim into the hole.  Perhaps it was more interested in the Bears and Packers than hunting on Sunday afternoon.  Not pictured is a gigantic Blue Goatfish running with other Bluefin Trevally.  Must have been 18″.  Anyone else seen it?

One Response to “groovy day in Hawai`i nei”

  1. Thanks Mike! I agree, those Surge Wrasses are fast!

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