Say Hello to Our New Year-Round Intern

Stacey Obra, Hawai’i Youth Conservation Corps Intern
Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Stacey spent the first seven years of her life recreationally enjoying the beautiful resources that Hawai’i has to offer. At age seven her family relocated to Portland, Oregon where the “green” lifestyle would inspire her to study and learn the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation. Through her college years she volunteered with peers in environmental awareness through campus events and community awareness programs. In May of 2010, Stacey received her Bachelors of Science degree from George Fox University with a concentration in Biology. Stacey loves to inspire and work with others to get involved in their community and is especially thrilled to involve the Waikīkī community in care and concern for their ocean and environment. Stacey is happiest when she is enjoying the outdoors by hiking, biking or exploring the ocean. She is also passionate about photography, loves to cook and feast with friends, and lives to experience culture through travel.

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