Tis the Sea-son for some Fish Watcher fun!

Perhaps you haven’t been out on a snorkel survey in a while and need some motivation… or you’ve been meaning to check out one of our REEF Fish ID classes to find out what the “Fish Watch” is all about… NOW IS THE TIME! With summer south swells behind us, we’re happy to announce the return of our annual Winter REEF Fest. Join us for a friendly Fish Watch competition, Thanksgiving Day through January 31, 2012.

Special prizes will be awarded to those who earn the most points through participation in various REEF classes, quizzes, surveys and special events. Sign-up to take part by emailing Stacey so she can send you additional information (like how to track points earned) as well as updates throughout the competition period.

After you register, you can earn points in several ways:

  1. Post a comment on the blog= 1 point *
  2. Attend a REEF Fish ID Class= 5 points
  3. Conduct a REEF survey= 2 points †
  4. Conduct a REEF survey in Waikīkī = 3 points †
  5. Complete a quiz on the Blog= 3 points
  6. Attend an event listed on the 2011 Winter REEF Fest Flier = 4 points
  7. Complete a REEF Quiz= 5 points

Prizes will be awarded to everyone who participates, with extra special loot reserved for the three people who accumulate the most points by January 31! We will reveal some of the prizes in mid-December. Updates will be posted here on the blog and well as our Facebook Page.

* comments posted to the blog must be relevant to the post and either ask a question or provide useful insight (i.e., no points for posts that just say “pretty picture”)
 in order to verify the REEF surveys you complete, you must provide us with the Submission Form Number that pops up after you submit your REEF survey online. The number usually looks something like this: “5040211i”.

About Jen B.

Jen is a self-professed do-gooder and jane-of-all-trades. Her current focus is helping nonprofits and community-minded businesses harness the power of the social web for social good through her company Connect Consulting.

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