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Limu Watch

Check out our Limu Watch page where you can find information and pictures of algae and seaweed found in Waikīkī and Oahu’s south shore.  Also check in to read the limu of the week!

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Sea Urchin Breeding

Sea urchins are probably some of the most under-appreciated residents of the reef.  After all, we are taught to stay away from their sharp, sometimes poisonous, needle-like spines right?  Yet, sea urchins are important to the well-being of reef communities.  They are herbivores and eat algae and seaweed.  On reefs, they keep the amount of algae […]

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Coral and Limu Study Cards

New study materials for corals and limu have been added to the Coral and Limu Watch page.  Check them out! Coral Cards Algae Cards If you are planning to volunteer with us for the benthic surveys, we highly recommend looking over these study guides before you volunteer with us.  It’s not mandatory, but it will help you […]

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