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Invert of the Week: Blue Octocoral

Blue Octocoral (Sarcothelia edmondsoni) is only found in Hawai’i!  It is a type of soft coral, and if you look real closely it resembles snowflakes.  Octocoral polyps have eight rays, hence the name.  It can be a radiant blue or a dull purple-brown.  A great place to see lots of blue octocoral is in the […]

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The Queen was spotted at Shark’s Cove yesterday!

The neat thing about doing REEF surveys is that you never know what you will see.  I was lucky enough to see a rare fish yesterday while at Shark’s Cove.  The Queen Nenue is the yellow morph of the endemic Hawaiian Chub (Kyphosus hawaiiensis), and is a rare sight anywhere in Hawai’i.  I also love Shark’s […]

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Sharks Cove REEF Survey

Some photos from a REEF survey I conducted this weekend at Sharks Cove on Oahu’s North shore.  All photos by Ryan Tabata.

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