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Marine Invertebrates of the Week: Hermit Crabs…and a Barnacle!

Hermit crabs are related to crabs but the rear half of their bodies are soft bodies that they must conceal inside an empty gastropod (marine snails and slugs) shell.  When they grow too big for their shell, they must find a bigger one.  They are especially active at night but can be found by day […]

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Marine Invertebrate of the Week: Rubbery Zoanthid

This past weekend I went snorkeling on the east side and found a peculiar creature that I’ve never seen before.  Turns out it’s actually a type of zoanthid, Palythoa caesia.  Zoanthids are cnidarians and consist of colonies of individual polyps.  The polyps in this picture were closed, which they usually are in areas of high […]

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Who can ID all three fish?

After the REEF Fish Identification class today, I went on a snorkel survey with Jack, Miranda, Beth, Cassidy, Melodie and Kristie. A few minutes into the survey, I spotted these three fish and snapped a picture. I was specifically trying to get a picture of the fish in the middle because I have never seen […]

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