New Quizzes!

This quiz will help you identify some wrasses that you might see in the Waikiki MLCD.  There’s a limit on how much information I can include in a quiz, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further explanations about a species!  🙂
I’ve come up with a somewhat advanced wrasse quiz, for those of you who feel like you know the adult phases pretty well.  For the occasional snorkeler, you will probably never see some of these juvenile and transitional phases of wrasses unless you are lucky.  Nevertheless, it’s helpful to know these phases and this quiz will help you study!
Today I am pumping out quizzes!  Here is another good quiz of fishes to be familiar with!
Surgeonfish are distinguished by spines, or scalpels, on either side of the base of their tails.
Unicornfishes are in the same family as Surgeonfish, but for our purposes, I’ve separated them into two different quizses!

One Response to “New Quizzes!”

  1. I took both the wrasse quiz and the surgeonfish quiz and got 90% on the wrasses (one question did not have an answer associated with it), and 100% on the surgeonfish. These quizzes are fun to take. Thanks for putting them together. I’ll take more soon!

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